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May 29, 2014

Amazon, Hachette Continue To Do Battle Like Giant Monsters

I thought this was the best article of those I've read today about the dispute between Hachette and Amazon over e-book pricing and what's fair in the negotiating process to get us there. It seemed pretty straight-forward, reasonably unbiased (at least there's nothing in there that would actively fool anyone, I don't think), and generalist in nature. If you'd rather continue to follow at home step by step, know that Amazon responded to recent charges in a Kindle forum and Hachette responded reasonably soon after that, and no fundamental position was changed.

One of the readers also recommended to me this post which seemed to me strongest not as a dissection of anyone's arguments (it's strongly asserted that a New York Times article sucked balls, but there's little in the way of factual refutation of that article that I could see) but as a strong reminder these are two giant entities doing battle and not everyone feels that Hachette's interests are shared by literary publishers.

Anyhow, while it's fun to watch the two creatures exchange blows, and certainly a drinking game that involved chugging whenever anyone came across disingenous statements would kill any three people participating, my takeaway right now is that Amazon seems pretty upfront about their negotiating tactics. I think that may foster a negative reaction with consumers -- not enough for the company to really notice, but enough for a few rival services or strategies or approaches to bloom. As familiar as we already are with giant publishers being criticized on the basis of what they provide their authors for the money they receive, we may soon see an ongoing criticism of Amazon along those same lines. I'm interested to see what happens.
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