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February 4, 2009

And They Will All Live Like Cartoonists: The US Economy And Comics, Post #17

* the retailer and prominent blogger Chris Butcher finally has his thoughts up on the recent Diamond Comics Distributor decision to raise minimums in a way that seem to spell Direct Market doom for many alt-comics, independents, undergrounds and general small press. I'd make fun of his taking so much time getting his thoughts up, but I haven't finished my own article on it yet.

* with so much material on-line, expect a lot of attention to be paid to premium services, one way that creators/publishers can derive income from fans devoted to one strip or another. Gary Tyrrell writes about something called AssetBar here; it seems to count among its clients PvP and Achewood, among others.

* I guess it's nice that newspapers want to fight against the negative perceptions hitting their industry, but I don't think what's facing traditional newspaper publication is a perception battle as much as it is a paradigm shift taking place under the severe pressure of a specific kind of recession. Also, it's funny to me that in order to get the word out about their being healthy, they're going on-line. You should watch their efforts, though, if only for the reason that I think the numbers will really underline that it's not about severe drops in readership as much as it's about a readership that can no longer support the heavy costs of organizing information this way.

* apparently, the media is still dying.

* finally, the beleaguered bookseller of many things including comics Borders restructures some of its executive-level staff. My dad used to say that you don't arrange the furniture the day you leave the house for good, so I guess this could be a positive.
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