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January 29, 2010

Angouleme 2010: Blutch Opens Show By Giving Jean-Jacques Sempé A Prize


The first battery of prizes given out during the Angouleme Festival went out yesterday: a youth prize, a schools prize and a special honor going to Jean-Jacques Sempé.

Officially opening the latest edition of the festival -- by far the most important for the French-language comics industry one of the worlds two or three most vital and representative shows -- this year's president Blutch presented a Fauve d'or to longtime New Yorker cartoonist and Le Petit Nicolas illustrator Jean-Jacques Sempé at the Théatre d'Angouleme. Julien Neel received the Fauve Jeunesse award for his album Lou; while Eric Buche was given the prix des écoles d'Angouleme for his Franky Snow.

we hope to have another formal report from Bart Beaty this afternoon and each afternoon for the next few days; I've warned him that if he's not able to get to a place where he can send news I may scoop up a bunch of his twitter posts to tide us over
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