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January 31, 2010

Angouleme 2010 Winding Down As We Speak; Awards Recpients Thus Far

In years past I always spent a significant portion of Sunday morning compiling awards from Angouleme and then a few minutes on Sunday afternoon posting the name of next year's president, pretty much the greatest and coolest honor in comics. My head could be full of wood but I'm thinking some of the awards were pushed back this year. There are awards that go out throughout the weekend and this site seems to provide a list.

image* Prix essential jeunesse (best children's album): Lou Vol. 5 by Julien Neel (Glénat)
* Prix Jeunes Talents: Guillaume Cauchat for Le bleu du mysterieus etui a la guitare
* Prix d'Angouleme de la BD scolaire: Leopold Bensaid
* Prix du meilleur graphisme: Cecile Bidault
* Prix du meilleur scenario: Timothee Bart
* Prix humour: Pauline Hebert
* Prix du Strip: Loic Chevallier, Benjamin Gerard
* Prix des ecoles d'Angouleme: Franky Snow, Eric Buche (Glénat)
* Prix BD des collegiens de Poitou-Charentes: Les Enfants du Capitaine Grant, Alexis Nesme (Delcourt)

An award for promoting civil service was also announced, with a first one to have been awarded over the weekend.

The rest of the awards should be posted sometime today, along with the big prize of next year's presidency. I'll have it up somewhat promptly but certainly not first. For places to spot such announcements in English before I get to it, try Bart Beaty's twitter feed and Metabunker. Most people out there blogging today should have it up, too.

It sounds like a super-nice show with really strong exhibits and not a ton of news -- certainly not any of the hand-wringing crises over new comics versus old comics that was common as few as five years ago.
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