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February 6, 2013

Another Cartoonist Leaves A Newspaper Staff Position


This time it's Dan Wasserman of the Boston Globe, as caught by a very active-these-days Alan Gardner. Apparently it's a situation that's satisfying to Wasserman, although it's distressing to see papers shedding cartoonists just generally, no matter how much of what they provide that paper that is kept on. The newspaper thing is so tough. I don't know without looking directly at the balance sheets over weeks of time what organizations are truly saddled with too many costs and which are saddled with too many costs to keep being profitable the way their owners demand they be profitable. I also can't really figure out any individual cartoonist's situation. I think we may see some weird set-ups in the next five years as people try a few things with on-line and print employment of cartoonists, but more from a heavy-freelance perspective than an outright-staffed perspective. It should be interesting, at least.

Wasserman has nearly three decades at the Globe.
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