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November 20, 2009

Another Company's Recession Sale: BP


I don't want to get into the habit of running people's sales as news articles. That way lies madness. At the same time, when the sale in question is important to someone in comics' bottom line in a way that doesn't just mean more profits or burning off back stocks, I'm inclined to pay attention. Alvin Buenaventura wrote me earlier this week to say the current sale at Buenaventura Press (20 percent off across the board, I believe) is not only the company's first sale of that type but is there "to encourage direct orders because we're really struggling."

I like their books as a general rule, but here are five projects I'd look into buying at such a sale.

* The Complete Jack Survives, Jerry Moriarty
I thought this was a beautiful, necessary collection.
* Kramers Ergot Vol. 7, Various
Let me put it to you like this: I would have to imagine this goes out of print and then never go back into print, which will make it an elusive want-to-have along the lines of the first RAW books.
* I Want You, Lia Hanawalt
One of four or five buzz books for 2009 and sure to be an anchor of the next round of "Holy crap, look at all the great young female cartoonists!" articles.
* Characters For An Epic Tale, Tom Gauld
I wasn't a huge fan of the latest Tom Gauld book The Gigantic Robot, but I adore his work generally and really like the prints he's done with BP.
* Injury #3, Ted May et al
BP has made an admirable commitment to the comic book format, and this is one of their better offerings in a strong suite of comics.

While I know that the Internet is less of a place where people run and buy things the second they're linked to than it was even five years ago, I hope you'll please keep BP in mind in the weeks ahead. There are a lot of great comics and pieces of cartoon art there. I think combined with SLG's sale, we should all keep in mind that for a lot of comics companies hard times were there long before the wider public economic mini-meltdown and things could remain fragile long for a long time.

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