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March 11, 2018

Another, Juicier Article Stuffed With Names And Accusations Regarding Stan Lee's Situation


imageI can't judge how accurate the detail work is just yet, but I like how the article engages with daughter JC Lee's situation, particularly that she may have her father's knack for being flattered into counterproductive business relationships and she may have spent some significant amount of the existing fortune. This article also talks about the probable one-time $10M settlement reached in the mid-2000s, which having come from an antagonistic situation Lee to Marvel/Marvel to Lee strikes me as a significant distance away from the $50M sometimes claimed for Lee's fortune.

Working on the book I co-wrote about Lee I was never generally impressed with those that Lee put around him, particularly after moving to California. My co-writer Jordan Raphael handled this period, but I did some writing for CR about Lee at different times back then. Lee's longtime friend the lawyer and trademarks expert Arthur Lieberman seemed to me a definite step up from the jailed, Clinton-bashing Peter Paul (of Stan Lee Media infamy) in terms of being the person who took calls on Lee's behalf as a kind of primary go-to for press people. It may or may not be worth noting Lieberman (who died in 2012) was one of the guiding forces finding Lee work within the content-driven company that housed most of the writer's later, desultory creative efforts: POW!. I also remember being directed to a Mike Kelly at points in the mid-2000s, and he seemed a vigorous advocate of Stan's.

There's a lot left to come out. One thing I want to make a bit more clear is that just because we're now seeing what looks like the fuller shape of the story -- that it's probably not just rumors and random instances of distressing acting out but is perhaps a two- or three-side struggle over both Lee and whatever his fortune might be -- that doesn't mean any of details have been vetted, let alone vigorously tested for their truth. Getting your story out first -- or second -- or with more oomph, say, doesn't mean they're more true. It's even possible one side might be wrong about one thing but right about another. It's going to be a grind to get through this one, I suspect. These racy brace of new articles and public testimonials should encourage us to listen further, not come to a conclusion.

rewritten a bit because someone on Facebook thought I mistook Lieberman's post-Paul period in taking calls about Lee's lawsuits and business matters as the entirety of their relationship; it wasn't; it stretched out before and after. My bad for not making that more clear.
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