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June 17, 2014

Another Week, Another Jailed/Harassed Turkish Cartoonist

Reporters Without Borders has a report up on the cartoonist Mehmet Duzenli choosing to begin service on a three-month prison sentence because a cartoon he made insulted the Muslim preacher and armageddonist Adnan Oktar. The cartoonist chose not to appear in court, claming that even a suspended sentence would acknowledge that the state has some right to keep him from freely expressing himself. He also reserved for himself in a public statement a right to call the preacher a liar, specifically on claims he himself is a key figure discussed in religious prophecy.

Turkey has an abominable record with free speech generally and expression through comics and cartoons specifically. This includes government figures using the courts to harass and punish those that express an inexpedient political position and civil cases like the one that has imprisoned Duzenli. The free speech organization called for legal reform including the decriminalization of defamation and insult.
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