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February 25, 2014

Festivals Extra: Planned April Convention In South Bend, Indiana Shuts Down Over Embezzlement Claim

The local CBS affiliate in South Bend -- I believe that's one of those markets that has some networks but not all of them -- has a story up in prose and in video form about a local, modestly planned convention called River-Con that has been canceled after a confession mid-month of embezzlement of show funds. South Bend is one of those communities that would seem perfect for a small show -- it's a college town, it's close to other small cities with people used to driving an hour or two for their entertainment, and like a lot of areas dominated by small-town living there's an ingrained, broader fantasy fan culture of the kind I always suspect might have a bigger role in proportion to the general population than in bigger cities.

So apparently the embezzlement is being investigated and all funds -- including the crowd-funded monies raised -- are in the process of being returned. The show announced its cancellation on February 21.
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