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October 1, 2012

As Of This Morning's Writing, Nothing Majorly New On Stan Lee

That there's nothing new on a public announcement last Friday that the 89-year-old major mainstream industry figure had a pacemaker installed is a good thing, I'd imagine. You're still getting news stories like this one at, but they're basically all going from that initial burst of information. Milton Griepp is correct to note both that no surgery is minor when you get to a certain age, but that having a pacemaker installed usually has a quick turnaround and speedy recovery period. Continued best wishes to Mr. Lee, his family and whoever else might be in his inner circle. While there's always a chance the news can change in a situation like this one, even suddenly, let's hope for a while that it doesn't.

While looking for an update, I ran across this NYT post about a Stan Lee appearance on that AMC show Comic Book Men, which if nothing else is a window into the life Mr. Lee has been living the last several years.
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