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April 29, 2014

Assembled Extra: Doonesbury Moves To WaPo From Slate

imageA few CR readers recently sent e-mail indicating that Doonesbury was losing its presence at Slate, or at least that the primary place people seemed to be reading the feature on-line was its iteration rather than its devoted, old-fashioned, portal-type space at the long-running Internet publication. Andrew Beaujon at Poynter reports here that the strip will have a devoted presence of similar heft and weight to its Slate days over at Washington Post. It looks like a smooth transition, and I would infer from that article it was the first choice of cartoonist Garry Trudeau and his syndicate.

I don't know that I have an initial reaction other than the thought flashed in front of me that the advance of social media may as a communication tool for magazine content may have reduced the desirability of a centralized feature presence for a publication like Slate. May have. The Post seems like it would be a good home for the feature.
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