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June 10, 2014

Assembled Extra: Viz Media, comiXology Announce Agreement; Immediately Make Available 500 Volumes

imageI'm not super-up on what was the state of things going into today in terms of exactly how digital manga was being offered and by whom to talk about that in comfortable fashion, but Viz Media and comiXology sent out a pair of press releases earlier this morning announcing a digital distribution agreement and immediately placed a bunch of big-name volumes into their store to be consumed. This includes current international heavyweight champion of comics One Piece, the previous holder of that title Naruto and some personal favorites like Death Note, the original Dragon Ball and The Prince Of Tennis. If the digital versions of such work were sold mostly by those companies and in many cases were simply obtained by eager fans through extra-legal measures, I have to imagine there's still some opportunity for Viz to make money reaching certain members of comiXology's fan base. I know that I hadn't thought of own any of this material in digital form but would be more likely to pick up volumes now, particularly as they're put on sale.

I also think we're pretty early on in terms of what all of these companies and services and facilitators are going to do with buckets and buckets and buckets of content, how the older material may routinely be applied for deluxe purchase or to drive purchases of newer content. With manga, we're closer than you might think to a solid 15 year period of enjoyment at which point there's usually a huge boost in nostalgia for those works that seized the imagination of a significant number of people.
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