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March 14, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

By Tom Spurgeon

* I like the strategy that Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover and Monkeybrain are employing with their series Bandette in providing free shorts featuring Tobin working with sympathetic artistic talent. Here's the latest.

* you should keep an eye on the Table Titans kickstarter if you want to see a crowd-funder with a range of stretch goals and further inducements to participate. It may sound dumb for some of you that I point this out, but I was talking to a cartoonist yesterday that didn't know this secondary reward system was a part of so many crowd-funders now. Congrats to them for making their first set of goals in the first few days, even though I can't imagine anyone would have bet against it.

* another one to watch will be how the Stripped film gets rolled out in various way through various sites and to various customers. For instances, this tweet indicates a physical disc being available early next month. My e-mail tells me the movie will be shown in Los Angeles on March 26. Many folks will like pick it up via iTunes, or in a way they decided upon through supporting the crowd-funders.

* via Gary Tyrrell I read this post and comments thread about Patreon specifically and raising money for art in patronage-style ways more generally. It's a fine reminder that traditional strategies for crowd-funding simply aren't for everyone, and that there's something nice as well about the old way of doing things for a lot of artists. The fact that I just wrote that last sentence and some people will see that as an attack on crowd-funding kind of clues you in to the personal investment have in these strategies in and of themselves, so I applaud the discussion. That said, I would say that there are likely many ways to approach these tools that should diminish some of these fears, right? Like if you're worried that you'll disappoint people by not producing in some months, you can set up a project for payment by project. At least I think you can do that. Of if you're worried about having to make promised work, complete the work first. But by all means let's talk. A quarter-century ago when self-publishing was offered up as a viable alternative to releasing your work through a publisher, there was a lot of similar rhetoric in the air in a way that I don't benefited the creators involved.

* Image offering up a digital sale on a pair of its science-related adventure comics for 3.14 is cute.

* since last week I finally changed my comixology password, as they requested after someone gained access to some of their non-financial user information. It went not smoothly on my own, super-smoothly when I talked to someone that helped me out. I haven't heard any complaints, really.

* this person is walking their way through 30 days of the Marvel Unlimited service offered up at deep discont during SXSW for the first month. It's funny, but I hadn't thought about whether a purchase was worth it. It just seemed to me like something you'd want if you had a place in your life where access to that many comics made sense -- like a long commute, or a research project, or just a personl desire to read a bunch of Marvel comics -- or you didn't.
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