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July 5, 2013

Assembled, Zipped, Downloaded And Transferred: News From Digital

By Tom Spurgeon

* this is interesting: looks like the experiment in taking classic UK kids comic The Dandy into the digital-only magazine phase has ended. These new models are tough, despite the hopeful rhetoric in which they're frequently left soaking.

image* Thien Pham is serializing Please, Don't Give Up on-line, and we're all the better for it.

* not comics: Susie Cagle provided illustrations for this Journalists Against Journalism site.

* Meredith Gran tracks the way she's drawn Eve in Octopus Pie.

* from the looks of the site and his appearance at a high-profile gig elsewhere, it looks like the writer Graeme McMillan may have ended a long run doing everyday sort of blogging over at Newsarama. I imagine he'll keep his hand in there and all the other places he writes about comics. I am always happy to read McMillan.

* Rob Salkowitz would like you to know that we're in a golden age for digital-first comics.

* finally, I've enjoyed watching people try out various digital pricing strategies, so I took notice of this promotion featuring my favorite comics ever.
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