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May 23, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* DC Comics announced a Wonder Woman-driven digital-first comic earlier this week. I would love for one of these comics to be successful in the way it would set a baseline for what we might expect from such an effort, but I have a feeling we're still at the "well, that sounds like a sensible way to do it" stage. This looks like a rotating creative teams effort focused on that character. Kudos for the old-school name.

* the webcomics-culture cognizant (how much it advocates for webcomics over or in relation to print comics seems to differ wildly according to every person I know that's seen it) movie Stripped! is available for download in Canada. I liked the film, and I think it's great that a specific time in comics was captured on film that way -- we'll look back on it in 20 years the way people in the '90s were happy to see John Lee Hooker for a few seconds of The Blues Brothers. I hope you'll consider a download.

* Tony Moore will provide art for Marc Maron podcast-related cartoons to appear on the IFC tumblr.

* finally, Gary Tyrrell notes that the crowd-funder for a print iteration of the webcomics Strong Female Protagonist -- which has already met its initial, announced goal -- could settle in at over $80K total. This is still the most reliable avenue to successful kickstarters, or it sure as hell seems that way.
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