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January 17, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred and Downloaded: Digital News

By Tom Spurgeon

image* the kus! people are trying some digital comics offerings; I like all of these comics.

* I'm not sure I linked to Calvin Reid's now week-old report on PW about Comixology's recent run of successful benchmarks reached. No bigger ongoing story in comics than Comixology.

* someone has started a blog devoted to sex in comics. I'm not sure if I wrote that sentence that way because I don't know who the person is or that I don't think we should know, but I'm going to keep it just like that.

* Gary Tyrrell notes the rapid and mostly behind-the-scenes growth of Hiveworks.

* not comics: I had not known that one of the holiday's fairly substantial news stories came from an independent media operator. I know I use the small size of CR as an excuse not to write or break major news stories, and that's not particularly admirable.

* finally, Dave Kellett writes about his future plans. This is important to note here because Kellett is an important figure in this world of comics, but it's also worth noting for its orientation recalling Gary Tyrrell's assertion that a way to look at webcomics is as a specific group of talented people enabled by the relationships they forge with their readerships through comics to pursue a variety of different projects.
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