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April 4, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* Drawn and Quarterly has acquired worldwide digital rights to Lynda Barry's ONE! HUNDRED! DEMONS! and would like you to know it's available for purchase.

* DC announced that it will offer serial comics through Google Play. This follows a move to make their trade volumes available there last year, which I guess makes that announcement also an endorsement of the previous move. I think comics should be available everywhere that allows for a fair return to the creators involved, and it does seem like we're slowly marching in that direction just in terms of the ability of these companies to make these avenues work rather than any philosophical belief in something other than widespread availability.

* Oily Comics has launched a digital store. I thought they sort of had one, but the e-mail tells me this one is different.

* has added a half-dozen features to its on-line comics empire. They are Clay Jones' editorial cartoons; Francis by Pat Marrin; Oh, Brother! by Jay Stephens and Bob Weber Jr.; Scurvyville by Marc Shank; Sweet & Sour Pork by Bob Holt; and The Quixote Syndrome by Peter Mann.

* hey, it's a new installment of Blobby Boys.

* finally, Project: Ballad is set to return, at which point creators Kevin Czapiewski and Michael Peterson will apparently offer a digital collection of volume one.
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