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December 6, 2013

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred and Downloaded: Digital News

By Tom Spurgeon

* my hunch is that a big story in the world of on-line comics that may be a bit underplayed right now is this crowd-funder by Ryan Estrada. Gary Tyrrell explains its importance from his perspective in this impassioned blog post. It will be close, but I bet it gets over. My personal interest is in different models for work of that type, and what will get supported by crowd-funding and what won't, none of which is settled yet.

* I have a note that says this issue of Double Barrel is the last and that it's brand new; I can confirm the former from looking at the PR copy and have no reason to disbelieve the latter, but even if it's not I'm sure it's new to someone. It's hard to remember this, but Double Barrel at its start was seen as some sort of strange, rare beast for simply offering content at a cost, and now that mode is more generally accepted.

* the on-line review site Books By Its Cover is gearing up for an early 2014 relaunch. Get on board right now with those review copies.

* Shaenon Garrity revels in the randomness of encountering webcomics solely by letting reader recommendations carry her wherever. Sounds good to me.

* finally, Alan David Doane is blogging comics industry news again at his Comic Book Galaxy site. Doane is one of the more unique personalities to ever do that, and he has a real broadcaster's touch with collating and presenting information.
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