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December 20, 2013

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: Digital News

By Tom Spurgeon

* longtime comics magazine Tripwire has made the full transition into digital, launching a bi-monthly publication this month. Their first issue features articles on superhero films, interviews with Ian Rankin and Cory Doctorow, and reviews of various media including comics. Tripwire is in its 21st year in some form or another, and going back to my days at The Comics Journal remember it mostly as being the magazine whose coverage area between Wizard and the Journal seemed to be something people seemed to openly wish for without knowing that at least one publication was working that territory already. At this point, I'm old enough I'm just glad to see things around with names on them I remember. Follow this link to buy.

* a bunch of the Delcourt Group material is now available via comiXology. That's one of those stories where it's a little too big for me to grapple with in terms of the amount of comics now available to me -- I can struggle through reading French -- but I'm happy for the chance to find out.

* finally, Gary Tyrrell points out a recent webcomics development that made him think how much time has passed with some of these features. I was talking to someone today that talked about doing a digital comic for 15 years, and that was the old standard for doing a syndicated strip: 10 years + 5 years.
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