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January 24, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred and Downloaded: Digital News

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* Virginia Paine has launched The Whys. You can bookmark it now and read it as it goes.

* the cartoonist Richard Sala, a maker of vibrant images, has announced a forthcoming Tumblr serial.

* Brian Truitt writes about Oni Press picking up the digital comic The Bunker for print.

* there's a fascinating post at Fleen on a webcomics cartoonist that put an x-rated chapter on a digital service that did not have a low-level, take-that-one-thing-and-go option, but still managed to drive a couple of hundred subscriptions.

* Sean Kleefeld looked for MLK Jr. in webcomics.

* finally, here's a digital comic with a free first-issue offering, a comic that has received some praise.
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