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January 31, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

By Tom Spurgeon

* Tapastic secured a couple of million dollars in funding in the way that companies with some sort of potential return are funded. It looks like the model for the webcomics portal is a South Korean webcomics portal rather than some of the failed attempts to do something similar based out of the US. I would imagine that nearly every model of how these things are going to work is still on the table.

* I was sad to see that Greg McElhatton is going to scale back mightily on his reviewing -- or at least more fully embrace the scaling back that has already occurred. I wish him luck in everything he wants to do from here on out.

* I'm not sure how to get to it that isn't one of these weird cross-postings, but that's a nice article about things to consider before using the Submit program at the digital retailer comiXology. I would have to think that you'd want to maximize your chances there, I'd have to imagine that it is very tough to make yourself noticed given the number of comics they published, and I have to imagine that hitting your marks with an opportunity like that one is something that will be good for you to get in the habit of doing over the lifetime of making comics.

* one webcomics-oriented cartoonist, Miluette, writes about putting the over-one's-lifetime project aside for a while and all the reasons that this might be done.

* I'm always intrigued by posts like this one that talk about mainstreaming work on one's art into the course of a daily existence that may never see standard benefits like money as a return for that time invested, but I'm a creepy guy with no family who types all the time so part of that fixation may be due to the broken aspects of my own life where these things don't come up.
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