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February 14, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* congratulations to David Malki on the 1000th episode of his Wondermark strip.

* Bill Baker interviews Victor Santos here, in a new place he'll be publishing interview. That first effort goes here rather than in random news because of Baker's pedigree as an on-line writer about comics.

* I don't think I'd noticed that The Comics Journal had split its digital archives into its own purchase option, separate from a subscription to the print magazine.

* this looks like a way to access the digital version of the David Rees/Michael Kupperman cartoon effort at the New York Times.

* I was not aware until he told me that John E. Williams, a major comics-internet presence from a decade ago, was doing comics on-line. I saw Larry Rodman about a year and a half ago, too.

* finally, I have yet to catch up with Ernesto Priego's recent writing on digital comics, but I look forward to it like a fat kid anticipates a hot fudge sundae.
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