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March 15, 2013

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital


By Tom Spurgeon

* here's something interesting: a new digital comics magazine for Europe, with editions in French and in German. Christian Maiwald sent those links and says the French edition has a pay version with a bunch of extra content.

* Two big digital stories this week, big enough they led to initial, separate postings from this very not-good-at-digital-or-online-comics-stories site: JManga announced it is shutting down; a comiXology promotion with Marvel went awry. This will lead to a lot of discussion about downloadable files without restraint as a way to both avoid massive server-traffic shutdowns and to allow people to keep manga which they pay to see if there is a change in the arrangement that got it to them in the first place.

* I don't have a great grasp of what's being put out there in terms of comics that aren't aligned with one of the major publishers or digital distribution sites, but this looks like one of those. I imagine there are worlds and worlds of things being done out there.

* I'm also not certain that I know all the way how to place this announcement of IDW doing single issues through Apple's iBookstore in terms of its context -- I don't know if other have done this, or other services, or what. But it seems to me a fruitful thing for IDW. The single-issue format strikes me as an effective sampling format, if nothing else, and a way for a company like IDW to manipulate price per segment in order to get people to read.

* finally, I don't get a lot of "hey, I just launched a webcomic" e-mails these days, but I got one for this new webcomic so I thought I'd post it.
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