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April 18, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

By Tom Spurgeon

* I thought this statement from the direct market retailing advocacy group ComicsPro and this essay by Rachel Edidin at Wired partly in response to that ComicsPro statement were the two newer pieces I thought most interesting in terms of's recent acquisition of the on-line retailer comiXology. The idea of a "real thing" in terms of comics feels very 2003.

* Gary Tyrrell asked a couple of questions about the deal here that I haven't seen answered -- admittedly, I have yet to go looking.

* this is also a very nice post from Tyrrell here, with a suggestion I hope those attending TCAF will consider.

* finally, I'm not sure why it struck me this morning instead of any of the others, but I wonder sometimes if there are effects as to the nature of the geek skew in terms of comics interest on the Internet that we don't quite see or process. I mean, I don't think about those kinds of things the way I did when the content-driven parts of the Internet were becoming more solid in the late 1990s, but every so often I'll see something basic like the respective sizes of wikipedia entries for the Marvel villain Scourge and the underground comix master Victor Moscoso and figure that has to have some sort of impact.
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