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April 25, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* this is interesting, a tumblr devoted to those comics that garner a certain amount of attention on tumblr before being posted there. There are some good comics and some bad comics, but it's sort of fascinating to see some of the connective threads, like certain subject matter that repeats.

* Dave Kellett sent along the following, a chance to watch the movie Stripped! while the filmmakers tweet at you:
This Saturday at 7PM PST, we're going to hold a worldwide viewing and live-tweet of Stripped.

Basically, the entire world will hit "play" on the film AT THE SAME TIME, then we'll all watch it together. And on Twitter, the directors and producers behind the film will answer questions, give behind-the-scenes info, and share stories we haven't told yet... as this or that scene comes up. We think it'll be fun. Here are the deets:

WHO: Directors Fred Schroeder (@fredschroeder), Dave Kellett (@davekellett) and Associate Producer Jen Troy (@JenTr0y)
WHAT: Worldwide Live-Tweet Viewing of STRIPPED, using hashtag #strippedfilm
WHEN: This Saturday, April 26th, exactly at 7PM PST / 10PM EST / 3AM (Sunday) GMT
WHERE: At your place and on Twitter! Just get comfy on the couch, hit "play", then follow the hashtag #strippedfilm on Twitter, or you can ask questions of the folks behind the film: @fredschroeder @davekellett @JenTr0y
HOW: Using the technological magic of Two-Screens-At-Once, you can watch a movie AAAAND absent-mindedly check your phone at the same time. smile
That sounds like fun, particularly if you're looking for another way to enter into that film.

* Gary Tyrrell looks at the very successful recent Smut Peddler 2014 kickstarter in terms of the numbers involved as indicators of overall success; I found that interesting. This might have gone better in the "By Request" column, actually, but I think both Tyrrell and that book are creatures of webcomics culture to the extent it's okay to put it here.

* finally, I totally missed the initial announcement, but The Cattle Raid Of Cooley has begun its last chapter.
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