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July 11, 2014

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital


By Tom Spurgeon

* here's something interesting to me that allows me to run a giant piece of pretty art up top: Michael DeForge has an on-line store now. He had to tell me this via e-mail because he apparently shut down his tumblr. That's a noteworthy choice. I've heard from a lot of artists who feel their on-line presence -- how much time they give to the Internet, and how -- is in constant flux. It always seems pretty stable when you're swimming in the deep end of it, but it really takes about 20 minutes to completely change your orientation there. Anyway, anything he wants to sell there is well worth having.

* nothing I like more than Gary Tyrrell working a webcomics cartoonist-loaded convention map.

* I forgot to wish Todd Klein a happy seventh blogiversary. I like that Klein stays engaged with mainstream comics, and appreciate his posts about craft elements and their histories, but I'll admit my favorites are the posts I don't link to about birds and gardening.

* Skin Horse is having guest artists while Shaenon Garrity takes time off to prepare for childbirth; Mike Lynch is one of those that is lending a hand.

* David Lasky reminds that the flu preparedness comic book on which he worked is available as a free download.

* finally, I've never done a list of webcomics I read because I read them in such scattershot fashion -- it's how I consume TV now, too -- but I do find myself frequently returning to David Malki's Wondermark. I also pay attention to Malki as an industry figure and observer of comics.
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