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July 26, 2013

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* the very funny Ian Boothby and the talented Nina Matsumoto have launched Dr. Sarcophagus on-line. Hopefully I'll have "go looked" that one before now. Boothby and Matsumoto won the 2009 Short-Story Eisner for "Murder He Wrote" in that year's eligible Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror comic book. I am always happy when there are more comics from Boothby.

* the French-language news clearinghouse site covers the comiXology run through major European comics-publishing deals.

* Matt Bors writes about the digital version of his Life Begins At Incorporation.

* I haven't explored it myself yet, and I would imagine that a "Go Look" has appeared on this site in the time between my writing this sentence and this post rolling out, but Wolfen Jump looks like the kind of place you could lose yourself for a while or so just looking at the comics. That's an on-line magazine, basically. I will likely be posting links to individual contributions, too, and already have with the Emily Carroll.

* Rich Tommaso promises new features at his site, and I liked that site already.

* Dead Pig Collector has a digital release date.

* one of the ways this sad, little column is way, way behind where it should be is I have no defined strategy for perusing sales charts. It seems to me like maybe the Amazon/Kindle charts should be a priority, but until I get it down, you can read analysis of one over at The Beat and get the lay of the land.

* finally, Jeffrey O. Gustafson suggests that the internationalization of the digital The Private Eye comic is its most important trait.
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