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August 25, 2017

Assembled Extra: Hope For VV's Current Comics

imageI found out about the loss of the print edition of the Village Voice through a cartoonist. Lauren Weinstein noted that the Village Voice is moving to digital-only. That's a story in and of itself that kind of undercuts itself as a trend piece. The history of the Voice as signature US alt-weekly is a long and distinguished one. A ton of great writers worked there. One all-time comics effort has its primary home there -- Feiffer and many a cartoonist provided covers and illustrations along the way.

At the same time, we're on the far side of losing our print alt-weeklies, to the point we only feel bad in that we thought this paper under its current ownership might willfully deny the historical trend for another month, year, half-decade.

I hope that work by Lauren Weinstein and Karl Stevens (pictured) survives into the all-digital era. I like reading comics on-line. I don't think I've seen a model where that works with clarity and return, so my guess is it will have to be an editorial decision about the site's look, feel and commitment to certain types of expression. Every comic is a miracle, and more so as the years slide by.
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