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November 9, 2012

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital


By Tom Spurgeon

* so I guess the Cerebus: High Society material will be made available through Diamond Digital. My understanding is that it's already available through comiXology, and through the Kickstarter campaign in which I participated. I'm a little confused how all those go together, but I like those comics and I hope a new generation of fans gets to read them.

image* if I'm reading this correctly, DC Comics is the first big mainstream publisher to offer all of its serial comic-book-format material on all of the major digital reading devices. This seems to me a real matter-of-fact, might-as-well-do-it-now move and long has; I shouldn't be surprised that they've worked for as long as they have to protect and finesse certain markets, though.

* it looks like the primary comics collection for Sam & Max is now more widely available that way, too.

* I'm basically lost when it comes to press releases like this, but it seems this is a press release for an app to download a very specific comic book or two -- distinguished from more general apps because it's a tie-in to a game. I suppose. Maybe. At any rate, figuring this stuff out by routinely encountering it is what this column is partly for.

* the deadline for this anthology for women in comics whose name has a piece of code in it with which I'd rather not mess this early in the morning has extended its deadline to November 16. My apologies if this is a print journal instead of an on-line effort.

* the "this is what I do" description on the newly-active twitter account held by Vijaya Iyer of Cartoon Books seems worth noting.

* Mark Anderson has launched a subscription service.

* KaBOOM! is making its various Peanuts efforts available thorugh iTunes.

* I've been keeping this link in my bookmarks for some reason, I think because of the ambitious way the comic is exhibited. Here's another one I've bookmarked for future exploration.

* finally, Zack Smith wrote in enthused that his first comics work, The Stars Below, is out from Monkeybrain. I hadn't thought about it before getting that e-mail, but digital publication is likely to be a first for a lot of comics-makers from here on out. It probably has been for hundreds and hundres thus far.

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