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July 12, 2013

Assembled, Zipped, Transferred And Downloaded: News From Digital

By Tom Spurgeon

image* I suppose this word of's digital serialization of comics into digital and print collections, covered earlier on the site in a specific post, was the big news of the week. I think that there may be significant results from that effort. For instance, it may codify certain ways of making and distributing comics just for the size and importance of that publisher/bookseller. The comics themselves are from a corner of the medium -- big-author translations -- that I've never really cared for.

* I've missed a bunch of noteworthy announcements for the comiXology service; I'll chalk it up to my lingering suspicion of PR, but I think we both know it's a combination of laziness and my inability to process digital comics news with any regular effectiveness. They're going to sponsor an element of the Trickster salon at Comic-Con, which I think is a nice place for them to throw support. They've added series subscriptions and discounted bundle packs to their service, which is something I have to be honest with you and say I thought they already had. My theory with a lot of this stuff is that the more roads as get people to buying comics, the better, as long as there aren't long-term consequences for any initiative. I can't imagine a deleterious outcome here. I totally missed that they signed a bunch of French publishers in their ongoing European initiative, although it made sense given their big signings that some of those dominoes would fall eventually.

* Gary Tyrrell continues his admirable, detailed focus on webcomics' presence at Comic-Con International in posts like this one and this one. It may look at first glance that the detail of those posts is just Tyrrell's monomaniacal focus on webcomics at work, but Comic-Con has become a fairly big show in terms of its webcomics presence -- I sort of assume that major players in that world will be there every year now, and I don't always do that for a lot of expressions in print comics.

* finally, Bandette heads into next weekend's comic-con as the flagbearer for a certain kind of digital comic enjoying crossover critical success. There's a new one out. I enjoy that series when I see it on my computer -- it's one of the few comics I guy -- and getting into it right now makes you part of that wider conversation as well as providing you with a fun comic to read.
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