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January 30, 2009

Bart Beaty In Angouleme 2009 -- 03

imageBy Bart Beaty, Via Phone

It's sunny and warm in Angouleme today, so the streets are more crowded than the tents. Which is crazy, because the tents are packed. I saw more than 50 people in line to meet Regis Loisel five minutes after the tent opened. How do they move so fast?

I've been to all but one of the exhibitions. The manga (Mizuki, Hirata, Nananan) underwhelmed. Dupuy-Berberian and Margerin are well worth the time. Winshluss went all out again. The Bitterkomix has stirred debate about the portrayal of sexually explicit material. I am told that the Ruppert and Mulot was criticized by a feminist arts organization, but I don't know if it is true.

Hard to get a sense of the Festival as a whole since everyone talks about how nice it is outside. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson appeared (on video) to announce that the Tintin movie starts filming on Monday. No one seemed to much care, least of all the kids with their manga.
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