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January 31, 2010

Bart Beaty in Angouleme 2010 -- 03


By Bart Beaty

Saturday opened grimly with snow falling on the ground. Huge, immense, wet flakes. No permanent damage and it cleared up at noon. My shoes have been annoyingly damp all day.

Went to see the Crumb talk at the museum and was just about the last person allowed in, with hundreds turned away. Started slow but picked up at the end. Robert and Aline then bolted town, spurning requests for signings, interviews and general blessings.

imageTook in the Fabrice Neaud exhibition at the Saint Simon, which was fantastic with lots of unpublished material. At the Theatre, FRMK has literally enlisted visitors to make lithographs. A fascinating and overwhelming group show.

Very little news but a great, great show for quality exhibitions and some great books -- I've bought about 40 in all.

Book of the day: Judith Forest's 1h25 (cinquieme couche) is a real discovery: a lengthy, introspective marvel.

Dinner beckons, then a long night of drink. Tomorrow the trains.

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