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April 24, 2012

Before "Before Watchmen" There Was Spain Rodgriguez


You can go look at some more Before Watchmen art in second-hand, photo-taken fashion and then Rob Bricken's righteous beatdown of the same; or you can look at some Spain Rodriguez originals in their full glory here. The above is a typical Spain stand-alone image: blunt in one's initial appraisal, yet full of odd detail (the inexplicable cane that ends in a very sharp point) and a surprising artistic touch (the background buildings done differently than the foregrounded visual, more a suggestion of buildings, an impressions of buildings, than actual buildings). I'm sure the Before Watchmen books will be very pretty, but I'll be surprised if any single image has the personality that throbs in just about every Spain drawing.

Spain Rodriguez 4, Rob Bricken 1, Before Watchmen 0
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