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February 4, 2014

Bergen Street To Change The Way It Racks Big Two Comics

You should read superior link-blogger Kevin Melrose here putting together various tweets from Bergen Street Comics' Tom Adams here about that store's decision to change the way it's selling Marvel and DC titles. It's not a bold stance or a political statement of any kind, it seems.

Although Adams asserts here that we pay any attention to this kind of thing at all is a sign that we pay too much attention to these comics generally, I think this move is worth noting in that there seems to be a bottom-line frustration with the way Marvel and DC treat their serial comics lines for the sake of maximizing quarterly profit. This gets expressed in how some retailers, particularly those with a broader purview than serving those books and only those books, engage with that material. I know plenty of fans that have stopped reading as many superhero comics as they might like to because it's difficult to follow them in a kind of basic publishing strategy way, and there are a number of stores that have racking policies that already quietly emphasize different books because of the difficulties in presenting the big company offerings to an audience. There's a lot in the twitter-feed link at the very least worth mulling over. That's a really good shop, and some of the best stores have at one point or another for various reasons decided to rack mainstream comics differently.
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