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November 25, 2013

Best Wishes To Stan/Pauline Goldberg; Maybe Send Them A Card


The veteran comic book artist Stan Goldberg and his wife Pauline were recently in what sounds like a horrific car wreck: Stan is in a back brace, Pauline had broken bones in her arms and in one leg. They sound like they're recovering, though, and a letter I was forwarded from a couple of sources said that the cartoonist is out of the ICU and will be resting a few days before beginning therapy. Our best wishes to them.

That same letter provided an address to send them a get-well card:

Stan and Pauline Goldberg
c/o North Shore University Hospital
300 Community Dr, Manhasset, NY 11030

They are certainly not taking visitors yet and any other contact should go through a family member, I would imagine. But cards sounds nice. Send that nice man a card. I thought of Goldberg over the weekend because he used to come down to small press events just to see what he could see. I always liked that.
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