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September 26, 2013

Sizable South Carolina Retailer Moves Away From New Comics

Someone pointed out to me this morning that Rich Johnston's site Bleeding Cool was running an announcement from the South Carolina store Heroes & Dragons that as of November 1 they would no longer be carrying new comics. I assume they got it from their Facebook account here, although I guess this could have appeared in multiple places.

This is kind of fascinating because by the photos they run on the Facebook account that's a pretty big store, and they have no intention of going away -- they're going to shift their emphasis even more directly onto old comics and collectibles. So on one hand you have the curious spectacle of someone looking at the unprofitable parts of the comic shop and deciding that new comics are the part of what they do that can go, but you also have people thinking that there's enough money in other areas that they can continue to operate. Both of these things carry odd implications, particularly the former. If you rope in Buddy Saunders moving to the virtual store full time, which is a collectibles driven business, you could even assert a mini-trend.
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