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June 26, 2017

Bill Morrison Named MAD's Fifth Editor

They announced it through Hollywood Reporter, underlining that this comes with their move of the magazine to the West Coast. Morrison's primary preceding gig is the creative director work he did for Bongo. He's also connected, a multiple-skill comics creator and seemingly well-liked, all of which can be a great boon for someone undertaking a supervisory-style editing gig.

He is the current president of National Cartoonists Society.

CR wishes Morrison the best. I think there's room for that publication to become a higher-profile prestige gig for comics and for humor, although I have my doubts MAD is situated to provide the world with a lot of truly subversive material at this point in its corporate history. We will note that editor of MAD is one of the four or five comics gigs that has a Heisman Trophy/astronaut type pedigree. It's now Kurtzman, Feldstein, Ficarra/Meglin, Ficarra, Morrison.
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