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February 7, 2014

Bill Watterson/Richard Thompson Exhibit At OSU's Billy Ireland Gets Offical Announcement


Go here to read about the big Bill Watterson/Richard Thompson exhibit at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum starting in March and running through August. This is a stellar choice for an exhibit to follow their opening put-the-greatest-hits-on-display show, and something I'm looking forward to seeing very much. My understanding is that both creators have been involved helping the individual curators, which is very exciting. Also be reminded that starting about mid-May the Daniel Clowes exhibit will be about 100 yards away over in the Wexner Center, a more general arts facility on campus there. So if you're going East to West for, say, CAKE, and wanted to stop, or were on the fence about doing SPACE, or if you like those artists enough to fly out, now you have much more information.

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