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March 3, 2017

Bob Mankoff To Step Down From New Yorker Cartoon Editor Post In April; To Be Replaced By Emma Allen


Cartoonist Bob Mankoff will end his lengthy and lauded run as the New Yorker's cartoon editor in April, it was announced yesterday. Michael Cavna has a solid feature-new article type version of the story here. Emma Allen will replace. I know little about Allen, other than that she is an editor there on staff, I've enjoyed some things she's written and she is younger than 30. She now has one of the great gigs in comics -- and one of the major roles with the shortest list: Allen will be the third, fourth or fifth person at the magazine to have this job depending on how you count things. That seems a very New Yorker way to find Mankoff's replacement: from the inside, but emphasizing what is likely to be a different perspective than that of the position-holder just past.

When he departs, Mankoff will leave behind a significant set of career achievements beyond his own skilled cartooning (that's his most famous cartoon, above). Mankoff was a public figure within that editorship, enough so to have seen a documentary released profiling his negotiation of its tasks and for him to be an author, speaker and occasional festival guest based in part on his editorial gig. I don't know the details of how well it's done cartoonist to cartoonist, but Mankoff's early-Internet success story the Cartoon Bank allowed for a secondary source of income without diminishing the cartoon's cultural cachet. He's added many fine cartoonists to the roster, including Liana Finck (a longer list is in the Cavna article). I don't go very deep in my knowledge of modern gag cartooning, but from my perspective it seems Cavna's is a job well done.

Congratulations to Mankoff on his long run and Allen on her new gig. I look forward to seeing what the new editor's taste and individual perspective brings to the table with one of the great all-time homes of sophisticated cartooning.
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