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October 8, 2010

Bob Wayne Promoted To Senior VP

imageIt was apparently announced at the DC Comics retailer breakfast this morning that Bob Wayne will receive a promotion from vice president of sales and marketing to senior vice president of sales. That division will remain in New York City with the print publishing operations. Wayne's held a ton of titles over the years but he's basically their Direct Market guru, a former retailer with loads of connections and someone the company trusts in that arena. I suppose this is where I should add some analysis about What It All Means, but basically I can't imagine someone in-house or, really, out of house better qualified to head up that part of their business and both the promotion and the grafting of that department to the New York part of operations make perfect sense to me. The only thing I wonder about is if DC's print publishing operations will have any new blood in it at all, as I'm sort of baffled as to what they've done the past few years that's so awesome it deserves an across-the-board thumbs up.

It also sort of feels like New York DC has become that title with all of the fan favorites in it and West Coast DC is going to be the new series with a bunch of new characters and only a couple of hold-overs done with slightly more stylized art, but that could be the lack of coffee talking.
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