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August 7, 2014

BOOM! Joins Wave Of Humble Bundle Participants

Robot 6 has a write-up as to what they're doing and what's available. This is a digital sales mechanism that uses name-your-price and incentivized elements in a winning formula that has in recent weeks generated a lot of cash and disseminated a lot of material for publishers taking part. Some of that cash has been going to appropriate charities, like the CBLDF (also BOOM!'s choice).

I think the thing to take note of here is that this may be less important as a stand-alone good thing than as a kind of unofficial start for publishers employing their massive back catalogs as unique digital inducements. That's a major potential factor on how this business will be shaped that really hasn't had an effect on that market in the way you think it might have already. I do worry a bit that we might end up in a situation where we only have back catalog sales this way, which over time might not be ideal.
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