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October 29, 2012

Brett Ewins Released From Jail, Charges Reduced

A bunch of social-media and Internet postings seem to lead back to this blog post reporting that the artist Brett Ewins was released from prison and is out on bail awaiting sentencing on a lesser charge than one for which he was originally placed into the system. All of this stems from a deeply unfortunate episode at the beginning of the year during which the diagnosed schizophrenic stabbed a policeman -- an officer I remember being more deeply concerned about Ewins' safety and well-being due to concurrent head injuries than he was his own. Ewins served about nine months total, between a hospital and prison.

Ewins was a prominent artist of the late 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s, both in the UK and in North America. He is known as a co-founder of Deadline in addition to the art work he did for 2000AD. The post linked-to above says he is back under proper psychiatric care.
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