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December 18, 2017

Brian Bendis Has Supplementary Surgery On Saturday

imageThe writer Brian Michael Bendis, recently hospitalized with infection, underwent surgery Saturday to remove infectious material near his eye. The prognosis according to Bendis' twitter feed, seems good on that particular procedure.

In addition to the very real lethal possible outcomes for serious infection, I can speak from some experience that it can be emotionally exhausting because of the high likelihood for multiple outbreaks within one greater window. I went into the hospital in 2011 with a very low percentage chance of surviving. I went home after two weeks of stupendous care with three times that chance of surviving not yet fifty percent.

I wish Brian and his community of friends, family and peers all the best in taking the days ahead as they come, and to keep their spirits focused on short-term combat and long-term health as much as they possibly can. Brian Bendis is one of our A-list talents in one of our richest cartooning fields, and one of the great all-time comics stories for what he's accomplished in his career. There will be a lot more accomplishment.
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