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December 11, 2017

Brian Bendis Recovering From Infection Episode

On Friday, mainstream North American comics icon the writer Brian Bendis revealed that a infection flare-up on Monday, December 4, had put him in the hospital for care and endangered his life. Apparently a recent attempt to become more generally healthy helped in response, and Bendis was home by week's end. CR wishes Bendis the best in his continued recovery and return to work.

Bendis' appreciation for friends in the Portland creative community and their support for him during the alarming period of this recent bout of infection are nice to read after a long and sometimes distressing industry year.

Best known for his revival of Marvel's "street-level" characters in the early '00s and his co-creation of Jessica Jones, Bendis recently made news by signing an exclusive contract with DC Comics believed to round into full effect schedule-wise in 2018.
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