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The Super Crazy Cat Dance
posted February 15, 2008


Creator: Aron Nels Steinke
Publishing Information: Self-Published, Mini-Comic, 32 pages, 2008, $4.95
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imageThere's almost no use reviewing a book like The Super Crazy Cat Dance. You can see the art. There's 32 pages of art like this. If you find that appealing enough to want to spend $4.95 on it, you will; if you don't, you won't. Former Xeric winner Aron Nels Steinke has created a handsome little mini-comic on the high end of that kind of publishing venture. My scanner can't come a million miles close to capturing the crisp whites on deep blacks that each page hold. And then there's the plot. The Super Crazy Cat Dance provides the kind of thing that children's books offer where they take some sort of real-life element -- in this case the author's girlfriend's three cats -- and then march them through a kind of looser than loose narrative with a few whimsical side trips into goofy behavior and outright fantasy. The visuals stand up but the tone feels a bit strained, to be honest. When you do something that's been done before so many times and present it in a way that you're asking people to buy it that may not be automatically delighted by the general neighborhood in which the book places itself, the execution needs to be flawless. It isn't here. The wordplay is a bit rough, and the story kind of meanders in and out of a few presentational styles in way that doesn't provide variety as much as it seems to water down the impact of any one individual moment. I like the overall package, but I have to say: I'm glad I got it for free.