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The Pitch
posted December 31, 2003

Title: The Pitch
Creator: Mark Burrier
Publishing Info: Self-Published, $2, 16 pages, 2003
Ordering Numbers: None

This is a charming, well-drawn and nicely packaged mini-comic about the art of the hard sell at small press conventions. It was made in February of this year, according to a note in the comic itself, and I found out in my bookshelf while cleaning out my Fort Thunder collection. In the comic the narrator -- whom one would guess is Burrier -- stumbles through conversations with people who stand in front of his table at a show and either look at his comic or speak to him directly. The potential customers aptly compare Burrier to other cartoonists (Seth, Greg Cook, Jordan Crane), note the book's quality design, and basically find ways to politely avoid buying a copy. The longer the conversation, the more pained or obtuse it seems. Burrier's drawing at story's end, the author in his chair fading into a field muttering another half-defense of his work, cleverly depicts the loneliness one can feel in a room full of strangers when your work stands between them and you. All in all, this is a very nice and very thin slice of life comic worth checking out and Burrier seems a cartoonist worth coming back to.

Originally published in The Comics Journal.