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The Hollywood Eclectern No. 42
posted November 8, 2005


Creator: Ed Buchman
Publishing Information: 16 pages, some full-color, 8 1/2 by 11 'zine, Free
Ordering Numbers: PO Box 4215, Fullerton CA, 92834

At a time when I'm reading fewer and fewer comics Internet sites and comics-related blogs, I still find ten minutes or so to sit down with the latest issue of The Hollywood Electern when it hits my mailbox. I think what I find satisfying about this free fanzine related to Little Lulu, its varous creators and whatever items and ephemera can be linked to that comics icon, is that the focus is such that there's always enough of interest to read without slipping into areas of too-broad concern.

Because its subject matter lies in that part of the comics garden where there are many stones left unturned, there are about two or three pleasurable discoveries in the typical issue. In the latest issue, one of those was the Bill Everett-drawn satirical gag panel reprinted above. The other thing that is consistently enjoyable about the Electern is the way articles are cut and pasted into its pages, giving you an idea of the multitude of sources despite the barest minimum of context provided. This gives the Eclectern a storinghouse quality, as well as a confidence in its coverage. While I can't speak to the quality of information being communicated in the original, longer works the newsletter-style publication reprints, the enjoyment one gets out of the whole 'zine-reading experience remains worthy of a postcard sent out California way.