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DemonDust #11
posted February 14, 2013

imageCreator: Bernie McGovern
Publishing Information: Mini-Comic, 8 pages, no price given, 2012

This is one of those wonderfully inscrutable comics one encounters every so often, from someone that one guesses from that issue number makes a lot of them. To my reading, it seems driven almost solely by an assumed ease about the creator/reader relationship that may or may not be earned and a cosmology of imagery that I'm certain has meaning to the cartoonist if it doesn't register with me at all. That doesn't mean I don't like DemonDust #11; I'm just saying I don't all the way understand what's going on here, like I've walked in on a conversation between old friends. I'm not sure what I've overheard is enough to pique my interest.

I can make out the basics. A stand-in for the cartoonist and a brain stem interview an assortment of motley characters in what looks like a school auditorium for roles as part of the author's personality avatar for future issues of this series. This results in a few semi-amusing moments, but more of the "I can recognize what's going on here as a semi-amusing moment" variety than something I can claim threatened to amuse me. I spent several minutes after I finished the mini imagining the readership for this material, because this work almost certainly exists for an audience: it's a printed-up comic, one of many. I suppose DemonDust #11 provides a pleasant enough reading experience, but mostly it's forgettable in a way that one wishes there were a separate word for work that didn't quite reach the basic level of engagement. God bless this comic for existing, and its maker for continuing to put them out there.