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The Last Island
posted October 17, 2006


Creator: Alex Cahill
Publishing Information: The New Radio, 64 pages, $6, April 2006.
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In Xeric winner Alex Cahill's The Last Island a boy who lives on a tropical island meets a boy who lives on a cityscape thingamabob. They don't get along, and they feud back and forth until the story's conclusion. That ending features (naturally) a surprise twist, changing everything we know beforehand. While I admire Cahill for working in silent comics, the book isn't sharply realized enough on any level for me to recommend it to anyone other than people who have a significant passion for simplistic fables. If you're going to tell a story this lacking in nuance, this basic, the storytelling, design and art have to be top notch. They aren't. This reads more like a student exercise than a fully-developed graphic novella, and at least for me the ending was more eye-roller than eye-opener. I wish I could write more, but there didn't seem to be a whole lot here for me to grasp onto.