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Ammar Abboud on a Recent Post About Les Humanoides Associes
posted October 11, 2007

"the publishing enterprise Les Humanoides Associes will have its books marketed and I think maybe distributed by the gigantic, collaborative entity DelSol for the conceivable future. "

It is not Distribution per se, in French it is called Diffusion, which means it is the part that includes publishing the ordering forms and sales representatives who register orders from bookstores. while Distribution is the wearhousing and filling of the previous orders.

DelSol a joint venture between 2 BD publishers, Delcourt productions & Soleil Productions, does only Diffusion & it is a major player in the market without being Gigantic, which is what the Humanoides Associes's new Distribution is : Hachette!

BTW, this publisher is having cash flow problems, so according to the BD Trade Union it is looking to sell some of Its book contracts (with the consent of its authors) to other publishers.